New Prayer Idea by baller

This is my first time 2 post one of my ideas so i hope yall also think this as pretty kool. For awhile ive been thinkin about a kool new prayer that jagex could add. Protect from Fire or Pyre or Flame… whichever they think sounds kooler preferably i think Protect from Flame sounds the best. Anyway this would be for lvl 55 prayer or lvl 58 prayer if jagex adds another prayer before this one. Protect from Flame’s effect is simple it lets u take 0 damage from any fire type attack. Yes this would include protection from dragon breath and their fire blasts and fire mage attacks. Now i already kno whut ur thinkin… " That sounds pretty good but i think it would be an unfair advantage 2 kill the KBD…" which indeed is a true accessment but their is a catch 2 this power. It pratically eats prayer by draining prayer at an even faster rate than protect from melee. Well there u are plz tell me how u feel of this suggestion and rate if u want.
1- wow ur an idiot
10- frickin awesome!
o and 1 last thing i was wonderin do jagex staff ever look at these suggestions and have they ever altered the game do 2 the idea and comments? Thats all! Thank ya!

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1/10 cause it crappy idea ever heard of anti-fie potion does the same exept the draining of prayer and no jagex staff almost neven takes any thing serieus from these forums

Yeah, i know. This is a bad idea. 0 damage from fire strike? Makes is kinda pointless to carry fire strike runes eh?
And dfire shield plus the potion makes u impervious to dfire.

lol c im still a noob 2 members since i havent even used fire pots yet so… yea. so is the pot better than d-shield? by how yall describe it it does no damage 2 u at all. is that true? r u 100% safe for a lil while from drag breath after taking it?

No, Anti Dragon Shield. A Dragon Square is a LOT of money, and you need the potion and the shield to be able to be… let’s say… THE UNBURNABLE MAN! So in a way, no you aren’t 100 % safe with just the potion.

o yea i meant anti d shield just wasnt thinkin so with both u would hardly get hurt then. thank ya!

well…a 0/10 coz theres already protect from magic,and dragon-sheild,for f2p,so…its a dum idea:D

the noob has spoken!

uhh its called anti drag sheild and 2/10 for efoort on the brain