I need everyone’s feedback on the PSP. I think it is wicked awesome. i just got one.

its awesome although the batteries doesnt last for that long

Ah I just got one too (my brother decided to be a rebellion or something and get the DS lol)! It’s really great I’m telling y’all… Also there have been a whole lot of topics on the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS recently…


lol PSP’s are tight. have u seen the SouthPark episode of the PSP (if u watch Southpark on comedy central)…the PSP is made by God himself :slight_smile: its gotta be good!

Fo real? Dang I got to check that joint out! Reruns here I come! :smiley:


lol SouthPark is so hilarious. the one with the PSP is funny as hell too…only thing i dont like are old episodes…new reruns are cool. but to stay on topic the PSP is cool…awesome…great

im the first to write something about psp in the forums and im so proud of having one. difly not a mistake not a waste of money, o everyone get GTA;stories of libery city, imagine this 20 ppl on line in the same world… alot of things can happen just use your imagination!