New Rank Images and Post Requirements

We’ve added new, refined rank images to go with our complete overhaul. In addition I’d like to take the time to clarify the minimum post requirements for each.

User Rank Minimum Posts

In addition, the original RSR User Titles - a vestige from when we used the old Crown rank images from 2005 - are below:

User Title Minimum Posts
New Member 0
Junior Member 5
Member 25
Senior Member 50
Elite Member 100
Junior Club Member 150
Club Member 200
Senior Club Member 250
Elite Club Member 300
RSR Junior Member 400
RSR Member 500
RSR Senior Member 600
RSR Elite Member 800
RSR Master 1000
RSR Hero 1500
RSR Champion 2000
RSR Noble 3000
RSR Legend 5000

I like it, my only concern is how similar the bulk of them are. On the one hand I like how it’s like a progression, slowly filling up, on the other hand it seems like they just don’t differentiate enough. I think it just needs to grow on me.

I’m still looking for something a little more unique, that said for the moment these are much more polished versions of what we already had.

-Just fixed image glitch with ranks not matching backgrounds.

I was just thinking this as I looked over them. I actually don’t see any difference in the 1,500 member and 2,000 member. What is the difference?

Exactly, at the moment thhe only differentiation is the user titles, which Im keeping for the time until we settle on ranks because of their history. (I.e. we had that many ranks because of the old crowns). Do you feel like there should be more or less? Ideally id like to sync up the ranks and titles eventually.

I think less ranks with large gaps in between ranks is a good way to go about it.

I’m the opposite. I like lots of ranks. Though, the old system had a lot of flaws. Senior member implied age, but could be met in one days time on the active forum for instance.

I’d also like to see ranks based on years active on the forum, such as join date or something. Lots of forums I am on have that. For instance, I am a “Senior Veteran Member” on a forum I use and have a post count of “Contributing Member”.

True, that’s why I’m very insistent on keeping the Join Date so prominent in every post. My only concern with making it too prominent a feature is that it could discourage new members - i.e. no matter how great a member they become they’ll never be able to equal even the worst user with an earlier date. It’s a fine line with no clear answer for sure…

Someone’s gotta be a real jackass if they’re over there getting philosophical and depressed over a join date, though. lol.

Its not that its a bad thing, its absolutely good to be proud of how long you’ve stuck to the site - I just don’t want that being the ONLY ranking feature

8 years since my join date, dear lord that’s a lot of time.

You’re telling me… I was 11 when I joined this website, not even in middle school yet, I’m 18 now, lmao.

Oh wow, 8 years. That’s ridiculous. Haha.

I think my first account was in late 04? Now that you guys mention it, that is a pretty long time.