New Ranks

We have returned to the old ranks.

I have decided on a new system of names for the ranks, with all the same images and the exact same number of posts required, just new names.

You can view the new rank names and their respective positions here:

If you have any comments on the way this change, or have another idea, please say so below.

I like the new ranks they are much less dull…Maybe RSR could have ranks for the staff aswell? Anyway I like the ranks, they are origional and do not discriminate against any sex(like baron and prince would). Thanks Duke.

The new ranks are creative, but the old ones were easier to understand. Besides, I like the sound of “legendary member” Has a ring to it that adds to the glory of anyone fitting that criteria. But the new ones aren’t so bad.

By the way fruitybird, there is a “baron” in the new rankings.

i like the new ranks because RS is supposed to be midevil and this is just like ranks that they would have in the hierarchy back then

excelent job

I don’t like them at all exept duke of RSR. Please can you change them back to the old ones? :cry:

yea… the new ranks are anything but neutral, in fact every single one of them is masculine in nature. I took the liberty of this because a) majority of RSR members are masculine, and b) most titles of the period where these ranks come from for ladies are simply “Lady”.

They are ok…but i really dont like them,
can u change them back to normal??? :?

the only thing i dont like the ranking system in general is how between Earl and Marquis theres 400 posts, but between Marquis and Duke there’s 300… shouldn’t it take longer to reach duke than marquis?

Oops misread the page :oops: . And now that I read them again they are pretty masculine…Maybe we could have some special ranks for females. They could indicate their gender in their profile maybe?

Eh, not too bad… It fits the medieval social class theme pretty good though I wish he kinda elaborated more on the class ranks… I mean seeing the Baronet and then the Baron kinda makes me feel that Duke kinda ran out of ideas when putting the names for the ranks… Also, the “Of RSR” ranks doesn’t really need to have “Of RSR” there to make them sound cool… A Duke was already a high rank in the medieval time… I was thinking he was gonna put a rank for like Lord or Vassal or Paladin and such… Sorry for all the nonsense info… I’m studying the Western European medieval times in history right now… But I’m sure Duke’ll elaborate and change around the names around a little in the future or so… I guess he just put it out to get it out there so people would stop asking about the ranks page and just to get a rough prototype idea out there for people to discuss about… This was originally a PM to someone on discussing the new rank names… I just copied and pasted cause I’m a lazy bum… BTW, I think it would be nice if once a member reaches a certain number of posts, then he/she could have the priviledge to name him/herself his/her own rank like “Super Master”, “Party House”, “Robot Master” or something random they wish to title themselves as long as it is in moderation and they don’t put anything inappropriate or offensive… Just a suggestion… I just know that a forum I went to had it like that once a person makes like 1500-2000 posts… BTW, if it costs extra money to have that then don’t do it cause I wouldn’t think it would be worth paying extra to have that feature… But just a suggestion…

Phewww. Thank god I have a special rank :). I wouldn’t be able to bare a ‘masculine’ rank.

On the ranks page you need to update the people who are staff though…

Yeah, you need to update that page, and yes, I think they are good.

I think that the ranks Baron and gentlemen really need to be changed. If my rank was “lady” That’d make me post fast for a more neutral rank or even leave :roll: . The others are ok but there should be an option to become a lady or baroness, if it’s possible

Edit- Opps I just realised that Baron and gentleman were ranks…

Hmm, I like some of the new ones, but also the old ones aswell - I never thought they were bland

~ ewok

I have an idea for ranks similar to this but go along with RuneScape alot more.

Bronze Knight
Iron Knight
Steel Knight
Mithril Knight
Admant Knight
Rune Knight
Dragon Knight

Black Knight is left out on purpose, because they are evil. Black Knights can be banned people.

I like chase’s idea… That’s awesome…

BTW Chase, iced’s computer is down. he wanted you to know (if it’s still down)

soz 4 correctin ya but its a baroness not a baronet

There ok…i guess though i liked the old ones bbetter