New shop!

I’m starting a new shop and I might hiring 1 runner.

these are things i’ll get for the price:

logs - 50-100gp
oak logs - 30gp
willow logs - 30-50gp
iron ores - 60-100gp
uncooked lobbies - 100-200gp
cooked lobbies - 100-200gp
iron bars - 100-200gp
coal ores - 100-200gp
steel bars - 600-700gp
mith ores - 250-300gp
gold ores - 400-500gp*
silver ores - 250-400gp*
gold bars - 450-500gp *
silver bars - 250-400gp *

The prices depend on how much you want me to get.

The maxime is 1k for all except for the mith ores; the maxime for the mith ores is 50 for now. If while mining, I find a gem that I can cut I will cut it then sell it. If i can’t cut it, I will just sell it.

*= not intrested in mining right now.

I saw the runner part…Tell me a little more and I might be interested to work :!:

RSU _ Lutenist

I will buy all of your iron at 60gp ea if u get me 1k of it.

i will buy all of your raw lobbies at 150 ea. whenever

i will buy all of your iron bars at 100 gp ea.

and almsot everything else. checkout my thread. link is in my siggy!

i will get up to 500 gold ores/bars, for money.

i said i’m hiring runners not miners.
i opened the shop.

oh, sorry, didn’t realise.

i’m now hiring 1 runner for iron ores or coal.

hardc0re, ill get you raw lobbies for 150 gp ea. :lol:

:lol: this shop sounds rubbish, you noobs want a job from this noob, visit my shop, we sell zammy, guthix, sara, dragon armour, santa hats, party hats, masks and much much more rare items

u r paying ur workers next to nothing, my workers get 5mil a week noob

close your shop and get more money and a better lvl noob!

even if they are noobs atleast give them a small ammount of cash even if its as little as 400k, give them all something, i pay all of my 78 workers 5mil a week

wheres ur shop. i wanna buy a few more p-hats and it sounds like u are the right guy! please reply!