New Shoutbox

The Shoutbox is back! Originally called the RSR Tagboard back in 2003, technology at the time just wasn’t available to handle the server load that the chat feature created. However now thanks to advances is software we can read this great feature.

As always, please be respectful and obey all RSR Rules to keep this fun feature for everyone.

Personally, I’ve always hated shoutboxes. I feel that they make the forum itself less active and cause less people to post. However, I know how popular of a feature they are so I am happy to see it here.

Your right - they do cause people to post less, however the goal of this site isn’t to make as many posts as possible, it’s simple whatever the users want it to be.

Exactly why I’m happy to see it here. =)

One request though, is there any way we can see the shoutbox at the bottom of every page or something? If I AM going to use it I want to be able to see it easily even while browsing the forum.

At the moment there’s no easy way to code that since every other page uses different templates and call functions, and while we do have a new faster server - every bit of load does add up. I would like to make it a pop-up if I can, so you can just keep it open in a new tab/window, thus keeping it out of the way of people who aren’t using it.

I feel like making it a pop up would detract from the amount of people using it. If it was at the top of the page I could see how it would get in the way some people, but at the bottom you need to manually scroll down in order to actually jump into the chat.

It may be possible to make it optionally pop into a different tab. That way if people are actively chatting and reading, they can have both open. Or someone could just sit in one.

I think as long as people can seamlessly enter into the shoutbox it is a good thing. What I wouldn’t want to see is people turning back to IRC for the alternative because we all know a ton of shit started in there and ended up spreading to the forums. At least the shoutbox could be policed.

IRC could be policed too. Unfortunately, the police officers in IRC were also the ones breaking the law.

If it’s possible, I’d love it at the bottom of the page. However, if it’s not possible then don’t stress it. It’s just one small feature of our little forum. A pop up would be fine, though I’d have to go enable it or something lol.

Well I’ll look into it either way and see what it gives us, does the bottom of thr forum index suite it or would you guys like it better on the top?

The top is nice because you can easily jump in once you head back to main forum. There is of course your point about it being an obstruction at the top, but I think the variable with that is how active it actually becomes.

Could you put an option in settings to have everyone put it where they want it? If you use it a lot, you’d probably want it on top, but if you didn’t care about it you could put it on the bottom. I’m not good with computers so I have no idea how hard that would be, but it’s just an idea.

This if possible. I have no real intention of using the shoutbox, and don’t really want it at the top.

Not a bad idea… coding might be a hassle but I don’t see anything particularly impossible about making that a feature.