New Sig-Everquest.

Meh, guess I couldve worked on it some more, but it looks alright.
I need to fix up the BG, and make it lighter and darker in some areas, but I don’t have time =P.

Rates, and CC is you may?

nice… is that pixel stretch?

Pretty good Kup.
Lets Use CC!!! AAAAAAA.

Nice Render
Nice Background
Nice text effect

The render looks a little squished but maybe its just small. Nothing to really worry about.
Edit: I know what it is about the sig. The render looks weird because its small. Thats all. Lol.

Nice sig!

Ehm, no.
A pixel stretch is a lame excuse for a sig, that up there isn’t.

Lol. Alias brought them back but pixel stretches are out. I used to do them because I forgot how to do grunge.

Great colours. I like reds, yellows and oranges.
The render is very cool to look at from a distance.
Great scanlines!

The render is too small and doesnt look good close up.
The black on the side is to dark. You should lower the opacity.

Overall: 8.5/10!

Umm, the black is supposed to be like that, to show vibrancy in text.
The render is scaled to fit the sig perfectly, there’s nothing wrong with it.

I know the black is supposed to be there. Its a style. Lol. For some reason the render looks small but maybe thats the way its supposed to look. I’m used to having huge renders up close in your face.

Again Nice sig.

I never knew you lived in Switzerland. I thought you lived in the states for some reason.

I live in Florida, but I prefer my birthplace over my residency.

Oh…lol. I didn’t know that. I thought you lived in Switzerland. A lot of people were born in different areas then where the live. I live in California but I was born in Washington State (thats no more than a 18 hour drive to where I was born). Cool. I’ve never been up there but I hope to go one day. My uncle lives in Denmark so I would just have to go through Germany to get there.

I just like a bit of a see through effect. And the head just looks a little strange i think.

If it’s see-through then why change the opacity?

Yowch, nice. Anyhow, I must demand what that font is.

Awesome new sig, Fabbbi! I really, really like it. Mind telling me what the font is?


It’s at Dafont, if you wanna know.

Downloaded… Thanks, Fabbbi!

Good Things
[ul][li]The background is pretty good[]Render fits in with the sig pretty well[][/ul]
Bad Things
[ul][li]Text does not look good with black background[]The black part really makes it ugly.[][/ul]
So, 6/10 :indiffere

The black hardly affects the sig, since that part of the background was awful anyways.

Ehm…I looked for “Opal” on dafont, but no results come up…=(

Hmm…Get on MSN.
I’ll send ya the file.