New sig! its awesome!

I just made myself a new sig. Its not the most creative, but im just gettin used to my new program, ArcSoft PhotoStudio. It has all the properties of Paintshop Pro! Anyway, here it is!

rate 1/10

Looks pretty cool! 8)
Just soop it up a little, and itd be even cooler! :lol:

yeah, im playin around with it now

hmmm… how would a whirlpool effect look? i wonder…

Pretty cool, but a bit…empty. It’s missing stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

Hey cool I like the sig 9/10 I just got a free trial of psp9 but I do not know how to use it lol.

its ok but no offense or anything but i like mine better :slight_smile: lolol

kimimc, shut up… you are gonna be banned if uyou keep it up…

its not spectacular, i could do that in 30seconds, but its alright for a start i quess, i use adobe photoshop elements 2.0

ts too plain

its cool… i give it a 7.5

the effect in the middle is nice but looks like you can do super easy with the program. everything is plain i would add something in the middle like your runescape charcter and add more effects in the backround other than that its cool 9/10

That is tight 9/10
and can u like pm me a tutorial on how to use psp9?
I got a free trial and hve no clue wat im doin :smiley:

it’s pretty cool… the effect is pretty good, but yeh, it’s a bit plain, maybe u should add something ‘flashy’ to it? if u like it the way it is, then just keep it that way… it looks fine…

8/10 for 1st try

Cool i use elements 2.0…

Back on topic good for a first try 8/10

I think you spelt “strength” wrong…Again, pretty cool sig (Diggity) but a bit plain. Very good for a first try.

~ ewok