made a while ago but didnt put text on till now…has a ton of different colors tell me if you like :warped:

rate /10 C-C plz

It’s a rather decent signature. The color of the background is good, but I don’t like it. The render is too overlayed, in my opinion. If it is just the render, do some effect on it to make the face a softer color. The text is just weird. Use Arial at around size 12 - 15. I don’t like the overlayed text. The bottom of the render is too blended and the top isn’t.

Overall : 65%

the render is overlayed?? do you mean the gaussian blurs around it?
and the thing about the render-its good effects curves and saturation looks 5 times better with than without
you never blend the face (top)
i agree the text suks
thx for rating :slight_smile:

edit-can you guys (from now on) not rate text i know its horriable i just slapped it on. thx :smiley:

Wow looks cool. 7/10.

9/10 nice sig

Guys you can’t just rate 9/10 look at the elements of the sig.

transparent border I like that +1.5
Render has good position +1.5
Text is pretty nice +1

Render doesn’t blend at all! -3
Brushing is not good -3

The text, the render blend, and the brushing are the main things of the sig. You really have to achieve those. In this sig you only got one. Keep working.

Nice sig. And actually, you can just rate it 9/10 if you want, he said rate, not lecture.
Render: Ok placing, could be better. Nice blending. 8/10
Text: I’m not really feeling it. 5/10
Background: It’s pretty good, I like the coloring. 7/10
Overall: 6.6/10
It’s an okay sig, but I know you can do better.

thx for ratings guys :slight_smile: but what do you mean by blend the render? I cant see a difference when I feather, so I use gausian blur below the render. And would you mind not rateing my text, I know it’s horriable i just slapped it on

Select a part of the render (the part you want to blend) and then feather around 3 pixels, then press delete. :smiley:

and you do this after you merged the layers?

Really messy love it render could be moved but not neccicary
i know what u said about text but um like it. i dont like the render its overused but not bad
render is well blent
BG IS AWESOME a little weird size
render is pretty cool 8/10