New sig

take alook at the sig i made my self.
if u like click on “my shop” in my sigi got go to my sig shop

dude who makes ur sigs?

1 word = wow 10/10!!

Great style
nice colours

the render is hard to see
The back ground is basic but very effective

and is it sparten or spaten?

Nice Halo Render.

hey thx all, i do all my sigs without brushes. i fond it more fun and chalenging. if any1 want’s 1 like it clink on the link in my sig that says “MY SHop”

Nice sig, 7/10 the background is messed up…

its not messed up, its a type of grunge that i foind a tut for

how do i post?

post whta? and dont spam topics plz

u just spammed by posting firebird and nice sig borito

thx, does any1 want 1? i can make realy fast and there free

yeah sure ill take one please…should i have posted this in ur shop?

yes and use the order form i provided at the shop