New Signature

Check it out.

Rate or hate */10.

Sword that is one sweet sig but it’s kindof hard tom see the text so overall
8/10! WOOT!

Anyone else wanna rate it?

For once, stop using that font. :slight_smile: Try Arial for once.
The signature itself is alright. The signature overall has many sides, and I like the left & right. The render is rendered poorly and the text is bad. Use Arial next time and a color from the signature.

Overall: 70%

Thanks for the tips.

Phoenix has got pretty much it. Here’s my opinion.

The signature is just way to over contrasted. It ruins it. But I really like this, Swords. You have improved lots. And yes, that font is rather ugly.

i love it 8/10 but work on the font

Eh…I don’t like it :worried:.

The text is ugly, and has a really bad effect. Try a different font…Arial ftw! The render looks bad…really messy. The background is cool, but theres something about it I do not like. Its too chaotic and messy.

Overall: 60%

style, type

i rate 9/10 very good:D

rly nice it blends in quite well