New sigs

no im not that rich 1

lol. there great. How much cash do you have?

i hope i did that right, if i did then thats 250M?

i think its more but i can’t guess to many lol anyways i like the first one :slight_smile:

Not much then? just a couple of Hundred million

Lol! The top one i would say.

thats about 218M? not counting the arrows
newayz i like the im not that rich one lol

Isnt that richer than keyser… cause he said that his approx. net worth was 200m over the summer -.-

those are cool ps this goes in grafic area

wow very niice dude thats 300m+ and counting

lol cool, I like the bottom one.

~:crazy: spartan

Those sigs are really funny. Off topic- How did you get the gold armour?

asking how to get money when u have like more than 200mil in money and items… wat has the world come to …lol

It is a rare reward from level 3 treasure trails, it’s called gilded. Here is a picture of it:

Moved to the Graphics section.

Heh, funny :).

I like the bottom one the best.

Also, you should merchant a lot, maybe you can beat Keyser :P.