new skill

i think it would b great 2 have a PKING SKILL - so u get xp from killin other people in wildy and you lvl up as u get better, good idea???

what’s the point

i would have to agree that is a ba idea you could easily kill newbs or somthing? or get a friend to just stand there?

um… right… if you want us to think this is a great idea then plz go more into detail.

ummm… 1561 is right man. that would be utterly pointless. u would have to make some kind of rewards or something. maby have a mod that u have to eventually kill or something.

As you lvl the skill up what does it do?get u stronger?What?

ummm… and whats the point of like being a level 85 pker? can you cheat the level difference a bit?

I think it should be tied in with slayer or something

Just like what Blaze said ’ Whats the point? ’ Its quite a pointless idea.

if it is so pointless then why do we keep posting??