New Skills!

I think there should be a new skill i know slayer came out but meh. my tohught will be like Swimming :smiley: good eh put your thoughts for new skils

summoning all the way! :smiley:

there should be a skill 4 like dancing because it wood be funny like proper good dancing like flips

i think it would b gai

im wondering if they ever will b a summoning skill because its never been done yet…another thing is wat do u summon at lvl 1…may’b a rat…

i summon a rat(in wild)
ahhhhh run

summoning would be ace, if it doesnt o towards your combat lvl 99 summoning summon a kbd, that would be cool, in wildy with a kbd killing everything for you

it should be summoning jolio had hid try on that and it turned out ptetty good

the swimming have been suggested be4!

i go for the swimming, i got to think of some ideas maybe running so u can get out of the wildy faster if being attacked or something

summoning good but swiming LAME

Summoning would be imense!!! How would summons be measured? I mean, it would be a bit sucky if a level 3 was in the wildy, your run up to him, dragon long sword in hand when suddenly, poof KBD pops up from nowhere! As long as Summoning isn’t a cheap way for noobs to pk people who work hard for training, I’m up for it!

Swimming will never take off, sorry, where would it be made useful?

woah did not think about that… I guess that the skill must have increased ur combat or else it would be way to easy to kill peps… hmmm… wellwell

woah did not think about that… I guess that the skill must have increased ur combat or else it would be way to easy to kill peps… hmmm… wellwell[/quote]

Sorry, I didn’t want to rain on anyones parade here, it was just the first thing that popped up in my mind. Summoning would be an excelent idea though, I think it’s well cool.

Lol another thing, I could just imagine someone summoning KBD against the real KBD, they both fight, your KBD dies, your run up to the real KBD, one or two melee hits, he be dead :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

there is a skill for that :agility!

I think it would be sneakyfun if a lvl3 could kill like that… but maybe the kills of the summoned creature should raise ur combat stats ur sumthin

zmyth16, don’t double post please, it is against forum rules.

I think summoning would be cool. Get a pet dragon by your side while you’re training, lol. :lol:

i would summon a red dragon for pking.

how would u train summoning anyways(kinda like magic) if they introduced it i think it should just be part of magic cuz thatd be simpler and there would be less things that could be summoned. also summoning would really mess up pking so i dunno if id like it or not…probably not cuz i like pking the way it is

what about offspring lol

Hmm… But why would Swimming be vital as a skill, anyway?