New skin

Why? who changed it? not been on here for a while, got the email :), the old skin was way better imo :). so how you doing? im currently not playing rs, got bored of it a few months ago, so hi :slight_smile:


Hey welcome back Jay.
The new skin was introduced with the forum update and new leadership.
Soon new skins will be added too :slight_smile:

ok fair enough, i kinda remember you on here, back in the day :p, ive matured alot i think haha,


Hey, welcome back to the Realm. Like Pieter said, new skins that you can choose from will be introduced soon enough

Holy crap my email worked. Hehe. Welcome back Jay

Welcome back Mocco =D

Shame to hear you don’t play at the moment :frowning:

The old Chronicles theme was nice, but really hard to read.

long time no see! how it go?

I’m liking the new skin. While it certainly doesn’t have the old timey feel it feels like a new forum. Hope it’ll help re-energize it.
There was an e-mail? Eh, I might need to go check that.

Much as I hate to say it it definately needs a new logo.

Edit: the DoD logo would be quite easy to edit, less sucky than my attempt tho:

Actually, the RSR logo just depends on what skin you’ll have once the new ones come out. If there is a skin like the old one it may fit the best for some people. Personally I like the old RSR logo and don’t mind the clash with the current skin provided. Reminds me of the old.

Ah, I thought it was finished. Ignore me :stuck_out_tongue:

I still have not come upon a permanent theme to use yet. Once I do I have a few people that will make some new logos.

I’m kinda with OP, I absolutely hate the new theme, and hope and pray the old theme will be selectable once everything is done. When I think of RSR, I think of that wood. “Outdated” doesn’t matter to me, it’s really just visuals, but seeing them is heartwarming, and I think it kinda becomes that way for most people who frequent RSR, and care about it. At least, from what I’ve observed from previous comments.

Unfortunately, we will most likely not be going back to the Chronicles theme (aka the old theme). I hope to bring in a new theme that will become as symbolic to RSR as the original one was.

With me taking over the age of Duke and chronicles is over. So I’ll try and get a theme everyone enjoys.

And there is no intention to allow the ability to manually set our own individual theme to that theme? That’s remarkably depressing =/

yeah that is also a massive symbol of rsr to me, always set it apart to other forums as well. as a suggestion, the chronicles theme updated, more modern looking? interested to see what the others will look like though dont get me wrong.

This pretty big time. We just look like every other forum now. And with the “dark” theme we’re using now, we just look like an invisionfree clan forum or something. I’m all for adding things, but taking away the option to use that theme as an “out with the old” isn’t something I think I can get behind.

Theme was big part of RSR, but none of you stayed in this community because of the theme. Current theme does look pretty much like every invisionfree clan forum, but I’m fine even if we would stay with the current theme, as long as RSR is active.

Let’s get this site running and active first, then think about what should be done with the theme.

The loss off the Chronicles theme was not up to me, it was already outdated before I updated the forums. The theme physically did not work with the version of vbulletin we are using. I didn’t take away the option.

The dark theme we are using now is a temporary fix. And the reason I have disabled choosing different themes is also temporary. I’m waiting to actually have other themes set up properly before I give users the ability to choose their theme.

If I had the artistic skills and the time required to try and make an updated version of Chronicles, I would. But unfortunately I don’t.

There was once a time when Chronicles was outdated and we didn’t have it on the site for a few months. People complained, but they eventually got over it and some of them even continued using the other themes over Chronicles. So how about we make the contents of the book great and then worry about the cover, because that’s what really matters.