New staff

I know it is dumb, but come on, i am bored, and have no good fake ideas

Try not putting img in caps… Then maybe the pic will work…

I can see the pic, and it looks sort of awkward.

it is working, for some reason tinypic doesn’t work anymore…

Ok I see the pic too… Yeah, looks kinda weird… But good job 7/10…

It works and i give it a 7/10 cool pic! 8)

it a little to small

7/10 kind of good

awkward, yet cool :smiley: 6.87345/8.93780234

hmm unique… :? but cool 8) 7/10 pretty good 8) :smiley:

it would be cooler if the fire part was shorter and closer to the end

Hmmmm… Imagine having unlimited fire and air!

Nice pic. I like that the fire bit is longer than the air tip. It makes it look realistic. (Ever seen a geometric stick?)

I wanna see a chaos staff calenel not any fire / air staff’s gotta beat my dragon staff…

fine! ill make a chaos staff lol