New Staves

They should make a staff of mind, staff of chaos and staff of death so we don’t have to waste money when we run out of mind/chaos/death. There are also greedy players who buy the said runes in the rune shops and sell it like twice or thrice its normal price.

It would be cool, but they would have to cost alot of money, especially for the death one.

a death staff would be off the heezy fo sheezy

ur right but we already have staffs that help us out alot but we don’t need these staffs it make the game tooo easy

not a good idea. too many people would get a high lvl mage and it would make the pk triangle more unfair

Well, people will buy elemental runes instead of mind/chaos/death so it would be harder to get your hands on the runes so it will still be hard to raise ur mage.
And they should also make the runecrafting skill harder becuz its easy to lvl it up.

Bad idea. It’d be way to easy and way to cheap to level up magic. Maybe a mind staff, but definitely not chaos or higher. And about the “greedy people”, they’re not greedy, that’s just how they make their money, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

LOL I dunno why but I’m jus crackin’ up over ‘ere after you said that… Aight I’m calmin’ down now… Ok. That’d be a good idea, but them thangs would have to be like a fortune! 'Cause the runes they’d replace are very valuable for casting attack spells… Eh


bad for runecrafters

This is not a good idea, as Magic will be too easy and Mage’s would own everyone.

What kind of Runecrafting do you do? It’s the second hardest to level up after herblore.