New Style: Abstract Wonders

What do you think? I consiter making a tutorial about it, but i wanna see what you guys think first :slight_smile:
Rate or C/C. Gimme tips. Do whatever you can to help me :wink:

dang very nice alias keep up the good work

Thanks :), and btw… Why r u using the sig i made for Slipknot? Sure, u can use it, but i just wanna know y :yummy:

Actually I like it very much. 9/10. (10/10’s are never to be given to anyone, even myself). Awsome Job.

BTW are you going to create a website for Chaotic Designs? If so if you need any help whatsoever with anything like Dreamweaver you can ask me (although I might forget some stuff).

Yeah, i got the template, but i cant code it… Wanna help me? pl0x sweetiful woman? Lol jk, but seriously… Can ya help?

I think so. But I’m really sleepy. I haven’t slept in like…25 hours.

Hehe… Ill send ya the .psd to it later :slight_smile:

ok now what i know about GFX is limited but i think it should have more black parts an the bits that aint black should shine more

Naw, this is not gonna be the dreamy abstract styles… this is more of a nightmare :slight_smile:

Prehaps making a blue one then…

Just send it right now because I’ll probably be asleep when you send it next time. If you need any navigation bars just tell me because I was planning on making some. (I found a really discriptive tut on it). Just tell me if you need anything at all for your website or forum because its getting pretty boring for me and I don’t feel like working on my forum/website right now.

Ok, sent it :slight_smile:

Alrighty then. I’ll be sure to send you it when I’m done coding it right?

Ok :), thnx Maria

Ok, have it your way then Grp :smiley:

New brushes, not a new style.

That background is awsome just tell us how to make different colors.

Correct :), but many people find new brushes new styles… So y shouldnt i? :smiley:

oh thats cool. Kinda a mix of grunge colours and abstract brushes. I might use it in one of my sigs (not the backround, the style), if thats ok, lol. ya, like maria said, 9/10

good siggy Alias :yes: 9/10 good job :thumbsup:

i like it…alot the colors and the brushes are amazing so i will rate umm 8/10? sounds good 2 me keep up the amazing work