New Style!

Well I just made this up for fun.

I call it a “Water smudge, brushed, abstract” lol.

Rate or hate */10.

7/10 a lil to bright hard to see on 1 side

Here are some few simple tips…

1. Have a more “flashing” text. The text seems dull and boring. Have it stand out more than it is.

2. The render and the background do not go together well. The background should somewhat blend in with the render. It also seems as though you have over used the Glaussian Blur… If thats not it, then my bad…

Why do I always screw up on the text! argh!

nice i rate it 8/10

Here is what I suggest doing for the text if you think its bad.

  1. Simplify your text layer
  2. Now select your text by hitting ctrl and clicking on your simplified text layer.
  3. Use the gradient tool on your text at whatever angle you want it to be at.