New Theme - v7

Today we’re releasing a complete revision of the RSR Forum theme. The classic header is still preserved, however the rest of the forums will sport a much cleaner look that has been long overdue.

Please post any comments or issues you see with the new theme so we can continue to make it better!


I just don’t think I’ll ever like any other theme or anything. I will always miss old RSR.

This theme is clean, though, and it does look nice. It’s just sad to see an old friend die, ya know?

While Chronicles was good, it just seemed like it was really starting to show its age…

Part of a rebirth is change, if we kept everything the same then what reason would there be for new members to come? It surely hasn’t been working lately, lmao.

I am pretty sure a theme isn’t that integral of a part of a forum. It’s purely aesthetics. Look at (since I used them as an example earlier). Their theme is so bad. Hell, you can’t even use firefox’s build in spellcheck on their website. They’re plenty popular though.

It may not be as integral as the structure and content of a forum, but do we really want to keep reminiscing on the past or do we want to move on to create new memories. Chronicles is symbolic of the good old days of RSR, well we need to start creating some of those “good old days” now. Then maybe we can look fondly on a new theme as we did with chronicles.

I think you may have misread my posts in this thread. Never did I suggest that we should keep the old theme. Only that it would be sad to see it go. Which, it is.

No I understand what you meant, I didn’t mean to imply that you wanted to keep the old theme. I’m just stating, if we want the forums to change, then were going to have to accept changes to achieve that.

That’s part he reasons I decided to use the old header/logo, the old RSR lives on.

Even if you decide to change the theme or goal of the website to something non-runescape related in the future, do us all a favor and keep that wood hidden SOMEWHERE on the website. Like a signature almost.