New things to burn!..............

This pic took me very little time. Its not very good though. Note the message box.

Wow 400th post!

how u do that

I think its good.

Good Pic!

so do i

nice pic man good jon 9/10 (even though the fire part is fairly easy with paint shop pro lol)

Yea I know lol. The main part i like is the chat box. :smiley:

i like it to i didnt see it at 1st

Cool picture!
9/10 8)
Keep up the good work!

I totally heart it. 10/10. Lol now do lighting a cow on fire lol. EVeryone raises their firemaking to lvl 75 to do it.

i forgot to rate it lol 10/10

Nice pic! 8/10. I agree firemaking needs to be more Interesting. Right now I think its pointless. I only got it up when I was new and didn’t know what to do.

i wish u could, mabe for a higher lev

o, and 10/10

yes you should have fire making go up to light certain logs on fire or to do certain things… because it’s almost worthless… lol

Do you want me to make pics of lighting enemies on fire :slight_smile: ?
Thanks for all the ratings guys.