New tiaras

I made some new tiaras…

Sweet awesome…someone was selling them for 500k in world 2 fally lol.

500k!!! I could make some serious cash.

How Do U Get Those

yea but i think the guy was …a little off price seeing as like anyone can make tiaras…what does a Law Tiara look like? lol.

Go into the runescape manual to see.

But here it is…

How Do U Make Tiaras?

what are those? when dd they come out?

Erm… mine silver ore, smelt it into a silver bar. Get a tiara mold from a crafting shop or whereever. Then use the silver bar on the furnace and then click on tiara.

yea u guys read the new RS updates.

How do you make them?

they came out today. CHeck the official site. Also there are new combination runes, other RC methods and water runes are different.

how do you enchant it?

Go to the temple and take the tally with you. Use the tiara on the temple and it will use up the tally.

thankyou :slight_smile:

so to make a Law tally u have to waste a Law Talisman?..cus u said it uses up ur talisman.

Yes but wouldn’t you rather use a law tiara? It saves 1 inventory space and you can just click the temple to get in.

yea but…Law tallys are cool looking :frowning:
lol yea i guess ur right. tiaras are better than tallys.

Or are they? With my new tiara I’ve just been called “princess” and “tiara boy” in less than 30 mins. LOL.

i’ve made an air tiara and a mind tiara they are pretty cool