//::~> New Tifa Signature <~::\\

Please rate and give C/C, I personally love it ^^

I love it so…but you should have put another render on top of all the layers and messed with the blending options cause it looks weird

That was the point. New and weird :headache: .
Thanks though ^ ^

Ownage new sig, Dama. I like the new style you guys are bringing to RSR.

I give it an 8.7/10. ^^

No comment? :c
Thanks though ^^

No comment? :c
Thanks though ^^

Awesome sig dama, It is kinda a weird sig, everything loks out of place, but I like it alot. I jsut think the render has to much white over it. 8/10

Hmmm, I personally don’t like those type of sigs.

But If I did, I’d give you an 8/10 :P.