New to RS2 selling cow hides

Im new to RS2 and I need money, I will get cow hides if you point me to cows becuase I mostly play RS-Classic and want to give RS2 a try.
Ill be a perm seller for awile untill I think I have a fair amount of money.
I will be kinda slow. RS name is Austin893

Dude? How much you sell for. Also there are PLENTY cows in lumby…

If you price a better price then keyser. I will give you them.
RS name: Austin893

i like my price. sell to me please.

I will pay 50k for every 500 cow hides you get me.

based on that…offinerg 50k for 500 won’t quite cut it…

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Arg I’m tired of keyser buying everything from everyone!!! I’ll beat his price - I’ll pay 150 each. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I offered to keyser first, he gets the first load you get second.
I know his prices are lower but I told him I would so I will keep my word.
Even though I said who ever offers more gets it, no one replied fast enough then I tried keyser and he answered! That is the only reason why he gets first load.

dang, to bad we made that deal Keyser or I would outbid you :cry: :wink: