New Trimmed Armor

I think a cool skill would be to trim the 3 trimmed base armos with gems. Depending on your craft lvl, it would define what gems you could use. The different gems would make the armor look different and maybe add a special bonus. For nonmemebers you would get saphire, emerald, ruby, and diamond trimmed armors and nor members you would get dragonstone, red topaz, opal, and jade. Even though there already are the god armors, the gem ones would look more shiny. So tell me what you think. This idea just popped into my head while I got a few gems from training.

yeah that would be cool but they should make different gems for trimming and you might have to do a quest.

ya that sounds like a cool idea and it would take like one gem per bar the trim, like 5 bars per plate so 5 gems to trim

I like the idea, but it would make so many more options of armour, i dont know if thats a good thing or not…hmmm, but yea i like it.

8O are actually giving a suggestion that involves non members 8O usually you dont do that.Great idea though

I think that would look pretty cool. Imagine shiny bronze armor…

nice idea

Im agree’ing with wayn0,Maybe jsut if you could insert a couple jems into armour like maybe some armours can hold 4jems and some can only hold 1 and it could be in the middle or the legs or the hands?

it be cool to do that

I should tell jagex about that.

i think it’s a nice idea. It would be cool indeed

Wouldn’t it kind of take away from guthix (emerald) or zammy (ruby)??

and saradomin (diamond)

get with the times sportsfreak!

that sounds pretty cool and i agree with sportfreak shiny bronze kool.

Sound like a really cool idea.Nice idea IcedEarth.

yea good idea but i think the prices will be not much cause everyone can make 1…but it would be cool if you could make it on lvl 99 crafting and that the armour would be worth 1mil-3mil dont you think>

That would be cool,its a shame its imposible :roll: …Its a pretty good idea :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm sounds gd to me

it’s actually… good idea. there is no problem with it, but it would be cool.

thats a cool idea :twisted: