new update

mental … everyone ran to get new seeds from the stall
this is on world 71…

omg I want to become a member… lol

That’s cool, yea! a new update for f2p!
F2p is going to have a small update for runecrafting!!
I wonder what it’s going to be…:slight_smile:

CHAOS RUNES!.. Maybe it would happen :stuck_out_tongue:

hopefully chaos!

chaos runes would be sweet, and i’m guessing the members runecrafting update might be deaths

lol that is exactly what I sendt to runescape 3 weeks ago… that members should get deaths while f2p should get chaos… (sendt a suggestions…)

Yea that is crazy, though chaos runes being an update for F2P would definetly drop down the price of them…

kl did yu get any seeds? i think ill take a trip over there if i get any time on the comp. yeah new runecrafting will be deaths they were hinting it earlier in the year

man so many differnent seeds :slight_smile: I got around 150 seeds now,23 differents

and no chaos won’t become freebie(I hope)

:m1helmet: ~Pierre~

lolo im there right now, getting ready to be nuber one at new skill!!!
yeah riht, lol

naaa u wont be number 1… zezima will be number 1 for sure… that guy is on 24\7… no way u can be on longer than him…

lol its a joke, he will be 99 in a month or less, u just watch…

ya it is like that on every member world

I wish that the new updates for members is to make Blood Runes! they are wayyy overpriced and wish that they would go down… i think burb1e is cute :slight_smile:

ooo im slobbering


EDIT: 1 post from 250

it hasn’t happened yet dam it!

i got a few seeds… but quite hard when 100+ people were all trying to get em aswell :slight_smile:

I got a few hundred seeds, seems kinda pointless atm