New Volcano at the wilderness

This volcano is cool, there is a bridge in the middle, and screen shakes once in the while, and rocks blast out of the lava (i dont know if they damage you). Though I always hate the wilderness, it is so freaking cool. The lava is now golden yellow instead of boring orange. Anways, Go to the high level wilderness (best way, use lever at ardougne), head due east till you meet up with an isthmus, then head de northeast and get there (Don’t worry, i managed to get out of the wild out easily and manage to save my skirt).

Note: this is NOT a multicombat area, but makes a good place for survival to the fittest.

wow thats so cool. I cant wait to check it out, have you seen the portols yet?

Yeah, i tried the portals, they are sweet, nice for those surprise attacks.

so…what does the portals actually do???

the wildy update is truly awesome

Cool, a volcano :slight_smile: those portals teleport you to a different place in the wildy, and the animation is the same as the Telother Spells.

The rocks do damage you. That dosent look good anyway, the lava is a bad contrasting colour to the ground, wtf? yellow lava? did i miss something?

Do you ever been to a volcano before, most volcanoes, you would feel like the ground is shaking and like most volcanos, the spit out fiery lava. Jagex did a good job on making what a volcano really is.

I cant wait to go there and own people!!!

How do you get the follower of saradomin thing? I’ve always been trying to get it

you must be 1 of those people who hate and see only negative in every jagex update…if your pking your not gonna watch the lava, unless your an idiot which i think you are not :slight_smile:

Looks pretty cool. This update seems to be good :slight_smile:
sickmate 8)