New weapon and a new skill

All that is in this post is not real, it is a suggestion!
If i could put a new weapon into runescape it would be that long chain thingy with a metal ball with spikes. I dont know how it is called, hope you understand what i mean. Another thing:
I thought about a new skill called “Treasure finding”.
With this skill you can search and burry treasure and items.
Here is a table of the skill (In what lv you can do what):

Lv1- Spade treasure finding
Like using the normal spade, but that there are lots of items that can be found with the spade underground. And that there will be a little ground rocks above the hole where you dig with spade.

Lv2- Spade treasure burying
Now you can bury certain items:
and all those basic items you can buy in a general store.

Lv10- Detector treasure finding
Do you remember those sticks from the movies that the top splits in 2? You can find metal with it. It vibrates when you are close to metal and stuff.

And so on so on.
I haven’t realy thought about more things you can do with it so post if you think of smoething. But maybe they should make a mine that you can use your pickaxe in the tunnel on rocks to mine out parts of the rock and then filter them with water and a filter to take gold pieces out of them or something.

na i think teasure finding is pretty stupid.

But there is talk about a new skill called summoning.

if u wanna game thats rpg and can summon get everquest and champions of norath for the ps2

and what about the weapon? you think it is a good idea?

The weapon is called a flail. Adding a flail would be a good idea.

its called a flail

Oh thanks…
Adding a Flail will be cool i think :slight_smile:

Its not called a flail its called a mace besides there ar already maces in the game

thats a good sugestion :lol: :lol: :lol:

its so dull !!

it si called a flail a flail is on a chain and a mace is on a stick idiot :lol: :lol:

i thought it was a bomby knocker?

It may or may not be a good idea, it has its ups and downs

i think that the treasure hunting idea is ok, i mean, it would be cool if we can find treasures and bury treasures, but then the game would get really complicated and stuff. And as to the weapen idea, i think there’s already enough weapens in the game, but again, it would be cool to try it :wink:

it si called a flail a flail is on a chain and a mace is on a stick idiot :lol: :lol:[/quote]

a flail is a cylinder shaped stick with a chain (flexible chain) attached to the end of it with a spiked ball (made of metal) on the end of the chain. a mace is just the cylinder shaped stick with the spiky ball at the end…

it would be good if this was a mini-game, like the trawler mini-game (similar type thing).

a flail? is that the weapon you are describing? and treasure finding would totally ruin clue scrolls!

Please excuse the size but this is a flail:

And this is a mace:

In real life, the flail is a lot less accurate, is harder to control, is easier to hurt yourself as well as others with it and causes a lot more damage as it is going faster when it hits. Not a toy for the kiddies…

treasure hunting, members already get that it called treasure trails.

oh thats what they look like sorry :oops: