New weapon: Lightsaber!

Well, what do you think? It’s my first fake, so don’t critisize me please.

… Don’t cristize you okay, I won’t say anything :stuck_out_tongue:

heh heh. its pretty good for a first 8/10. o yea. and u should make the lunge, slash, block, etc; just like the lightsaber. and put some shadowing behind the word lightsaber…thats all :slight_smile:

ok fake but lightsabers would completely ruin the game

Not bad at all… That’s well done for a beginner…

Eyes glow red

Crushes can with his hand while twitching

Lol joking, that’s actually pretty good for a first fake. Much better than my first…and better cropping than I’ll ever have =-\

~ ewok

did u just use paint and use a rune long and painted red over the rune long??

cool gj 4 ur first fake i give it an 8/10

yea thats pretty good. 8/10.

No, I painted over a black longsword. I can’t weild rune.

not that great a pic…a good idea but not very original…7/10 since its ur first fake…and try putting a shadows behind the letters