new weps from making history quest!

I was just looking a bit around at when i saw picks of the new weps. They look cool i think but stats arent good.

Cool, mjolnirs a really strange name :wink:

I know. They are called like that all 3.

Whats the other names?

Titanheart, it’s obvious… lol. They have the symbols of the Gods on them, and one is Saradomin. So what could the other two be?

zamorak mjolnir, saradonim mjorlnir and guthix mjorlnir.

Ohh right lol… Sorry, I didnt know they werent just for Saradomin…

there only good for god liking i guess i dunno…sara represent!

Wow, nice pics. I like the middle and last ones the best. Zamaorck and Guntix :slight_smile:

I like the look of it. Hope the other two are just as good.

mjolner is the hammer of one of our norwegian gods : Thor. The hammer tossed out lightning when he trew it. :slight_smile:

The stats are same i think but im still looking if they are 2h or 1h.

what are the str crush slash and stab bonuses and why dont u make each of them a diffrent color

They aren’t fakes. That’s why he can’t change anything lol.

they are 2h

They arent fake and i dont know the str, crush, slash and stab bonus becouse i didnt made the screenie i got them from tip it.

I’d take the zamorack ‘mjolnir’. It looks the best, the guthix’ also looks good, but the saradomin one does look a bit strange to me. =)

I like the guthix 1 the most it looks like some kind of big hammer.

What can they hit?

Mebbe they’re like halberds?