New zezima (fake)

Please rate it… I made myself.


I honestly don’t understand that…

7/10 not too bad, but, not the best either

ur a noob his cb is 125 his prayer lvl is 97 and he has more quest points noob

Stop calling him a noob.

Good fake, but he has probably got more than 99 quests points though 6/10

lol his prayer isnt 97 anymore, it is 98, so hence: 126 combat, and this guy said “the new zezima” so he isnt trying to be zezima.
its really good :wink:

good except for the max total lvl is 1980 not 1988 and the highest combat lvl u can be is 126 not 134

Very Good. But the info doesnt seem like zezima…Good effort though!


that looks very cool…i wish i was that strong…8/10
but if u wana be zezima, ithink ull need better armor :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah (by “yeah” I don’t want to repeat what everyone’s just said). I don’t understand the phat though. Why is that there?

I have no idea who the **** zezima is, so I’ll give it 9/10. The only flaw I can see is the HP. If he’s full HP, then how come it shows damage on the little bar thing? Also, on the map, it doesn’t show the party hat as a red dot.

hes only 126 combat lol and hes 98 prayer and 93 slayer and only 99 qp

His slayer, I believe, is also not at 99 yet, and he would be wearing full barrows DUH, i will rate is at 6/10

After zez ggets 99 prayer his combat will be 127 ppl also his quest points are way higher probs has all of em from all the quests :slight_smile:

The stats look good, and the mining thing was a plus.

no metro the highest combat lvl u can be is 126 and that is what she is she can’t gain anymore lvls

ill rate it 2/10 not very well done and lvl 134 combat is impossible

why does everyone suddenly speak so much about zeszima y not about how many seeds they got or sumn…lol

nice fake i like the stats

yea its good…cept whys their a partyhat there on that crate? lol
also some 99s are off like Ranging, u can see where the black line is cut off.and combat and QP arent believeable really lol.
Also guys stop calling him a noob, my god its a fake.