Newbish bank sale

I am selling a load of stuff i dont need anymore or its just stuff i have made and want to sell.

Ring of recoil x 21 = 700gp each 14.5k for the lot
Steel boots x 1 = 15kSOLD
Cut jade x 1 = 50gp
Addy MED helm x 1 = 2.5k
Addy Warhammer x 3 = 4.5k each 13k for the lot
Black Warhammer x 3 = 2k each 6k for the lot
Balck Longsword x 1 = 1.7k
Black WC axe x 1 = 500gpSOLD
Staff of fire x 1 = 1k
Mith CHAINbody x 1 = 3k
Mith Square shield x 3 = 2k each 6k for the lot
Steel PLATEbody x 1 = 2.8kSOLD
Dragon mace x 1 = 45kSOLD
Cosmic talismon x 2 = 15k each 30k for the lot
Dragon dagger (+) x 1 = 60kSOLD

dont pm me on runescape plz, just leave ur account name and wot u want on here and i will pm u on runescape :slight_smile:

I’ll buy the drag mace

k wots ur rs name and r u online now?

no i wont be on for like 3 hours but my rsn is mrtnscks6666

ill take the black wc axe

me buy blk warhammer :cool:

every1 if u want to buy something then plz leave ur runescape name!!! ty

[QUOTE=sapartan2]me buy blk warhammer :cool:my name in runecape is sapartan2