Newest Pixel Creation

first attempt at pixel sig

You made that? Very nice for your first attempt!

The sky and the grass need some shading.

ty and im sure some1 like you could also make one!!!

I might have a go at it now.

my pixel creation, do u mean u drew it by hand in paint?

Yeh you use the pencil tool in paint.

wow thats good. u shud be an artist lol.

Pretty dang nice for a first attempt! :smiley:
8/10 (like jacob said, do better shading on grass and sky, then it would be 10/10!)

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet 8)

Woah… That is really, really nice for being done in MS paint and for a first attempt… Shading would make the sig look “flashier” but for a rough concept and a first try at the idea, I think it was done really well… Good job on it… I like it… 9.5/10… Good luck on getting it to look REALLY good cause then you can brag on how you made your sig in MS paint and it was the first several tries you attempted on a MS paint sig…

very nice work and for your first attempt its excelent, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Wow ;). Very nice. I have tried a pixel, but I gave up because I could never do people.

9/10, nice work.

Wow thats really good keep practicing and you could sell pixels for 500k+!!!