Newest psp sig!

rate!!! and plz wheres the love!!! gimme the cc!!!

omg i love it! 9/10! cool font pop-out design!

the font pop out is jsut a shadow behind it but none the less i think its your best sig yet! 9/10

lol its just the drop shadow thing but i think turned out pretty good…it took me like 20 minutes :melodrama lol im probably gonna open a shop cuz i only hav like 23 days left for the free trial thing

Nice job!
Good things:
I like the background
The font type is good

No render.
Other then that great job!

i cant figure out the render part yet…

100% cool. perfect exelent

thats pretty cool i like it

nice, 9/10 very nice font choice

go to

nice its ur best eva

To get render and tuts go to: and head to the forum.
To get renders go to the render part and download the pack.
For tuts just go to the multiple tuts.


Good Things
[ul][li]Very good for a psp sig (better then what I can do!)[]Simple but anything else on it would kill the concept of it[][/ul]
Bad Things
[ul][li]You could have a different font[/ul]
So, 8/10! :yes: