Nice Hack

HEY! I found out Jagex’s Password recovery e-mail adress!
I CAN HACK PEOPLE WITH THAT! I used to make people pay for this hack, but since im quitting runescape, ill tell it to everyone to ruin runescape, ok here is the hack,

  1. The E-mail adress is Edit

  2. Make the subject rscpswrdrcvry

  3. write what im about to tell you in the actuall email part word for

#%@#/?“Your username”?#@%#

#%@#/?“Your Victims Username”?#@%#

#%@#/?“Your password”?#@%#

And thats it! Jagex will send you the victims password within the day!

NOTE: Since Im quitting runescape and all, if you want to test this on

my account,

the name is Blade5510, test that out to see if it will sed you the password.
p.s. It has 15 days of members left on it

Happy Hacking

scammer no1 reply u will lose ur account!!!1

i guess it’s his e-mail adress!so delete this topic before it’s too late!

i have informsed a mod

u r a frikin fag tensi u think u r a mod and that u can blok people u fag

this is a scam, dont reply to it, and dude 444, if you keep being like that it wont be long till your band i would think.

ty err staff dude and dude444 i will tell 1 about u aswell i have the rite to get this sort of thing informed

You fucking panzy… You scamming little hacking son of a bitch

Dude444, I know that you are Android_Dark and Android_Poop among others… You will have this account banned and Android Dark will be warned once

Edited and Locked!!!