night hawks!!!!!! join

night hawks we are lvl 85 plus requs we have over 210 people aer highest player is 123 we are abou tto go to war we k about 2 ttimes aweek wew got lots of events we exept 50+ but youll be in the junior class youlll have thje normal privaleges its just tht you will be called a junior ngith hawks the leader is bigknockers. join now! we fly togheter we die togheter nigh hawks!

register first go to applications read the first 4 closed topics there a folder tht says copy and paste u copy it open a new toppic paste the quetions anser em all for referencwe put da punk man it will get u better chances of geting in.

come on people wouldnt any one lik eto join???

join my clan people you will like !!! [plaes join =-[

have u just stared up this clan?

i mean seriosly u cant expect to get ppl to join in like 2 seconds