no school!!!!!!!!!!

well post what u r going to do.

my schoolan finishes on the (x) of july.lucky american

well school not over for me for 2 weeks…but in july in going to do a bit of partyin, play some rs, go to bc and hang out with my family, and get my licence

WOAH that’s late… Why you get out so early? Lol I live in America… And I get out June 23rd… Oh well


i’m getting out next week, and i’m just going to stay home, invite my friends over, and have fun… i’m not really going anywhere in the summer.

I got out June 8th…ha it was funny watching 8th graders get paddled by high schoolers…ahh well ima hang out wit friends and have fun and party this summer.

Yo chaosnoob you seem to have an actual fun life… Lol I mean you live up in da detriot area boy… Where da action’s at… I’m just stuck in da 'burbs… No fun down here lol. Anyways I can’t wait for school to be over!