Non member runecrafting expandsions?

Cosmic, Chaos, Nature, and Law runes should not be member only crafting. IT makes it too hard to level your runecrafting after a while… and it makes it annoying when you have to cast spells requiring them and not have those runes. It really would be cool if you could craft them yourself. Of course, that would lower the cost of them… but they cost too much anyway.

i agree totalky because im non member now and i want to craft my choas runes !!! i like casting them

Yes i agree whats the point of bringing up your runecrafting skill if u can do all the non-member 1 and your not a member to do the others so id rate this suggestion 10/10 nice 1

It is VERRRY annoying. Not just because you need them to cast most high-level spells. When you’re runecrafting level 50 and you’re stuck craftin body runes for xp, it becomes very boring to have to go back and forth.

Thanks, exactly my point.

you know whats very annoying? free version players complaining about not haveing enough…if you want more stuff become a member and check iced earths sticky before posting

Hey non members get very little. Sitting there not being able to cast any good spells because you CAN’T become a member is not what i call fun.
Maybe Cosmic and Nature runes could still be member, but law and chaos runes are practically essential to be a good mage. But then, so are cosmic runes kinda.

i think that it should be expanded cause right now for nonmembers its kinda useless to Runecraft. also for members they should be able to make Soul and blood runes :twisted:

I don’t know, we shouldn’t have all of them be non-members… I can live with the fact that I can’t runecraft anything above the body rune but if I was asked… I would be really happy with just the chaos rune being put as a non-member rune… I wouldn’t care if they didn’t make cosmic, or nature, or law runes non-member… But I’m not demanding that the chaos rune be non-members… But it would be nice if chaos runes were made into non-members…

err ok here is my view. i was so fed up of non members i used my brian and became one despite what my mum had sed. if your mum won’t let you ask a friend to borrow their fone and get it done, i did. but yeah non members should be sorted

Non-Members Should Be Allowed To Craft…
+What they can


That would make it Even exchange…

Prices wouldn’t go down for these would have alters in the wilderness…
to make it fair… Chaos near chaos dwarve’s cosmic in black nights wildy castle…

that would be fair and logical

i dont think non members deserve nething new if you want it then become a member, and i dont think members should be able to craft bloods or souls, b/c bloods prices would drop and it would be easier to become a high lvl in mage and b/c souls are only gotten by people who can go into the magic guild so hows that fair if someone can make them when everyone else had to get their mage up to buy em

wooo woo they deserve new things aswell we have been getting all the stuf l8ly and now its their turn i think

i think its a good idea but not all of the rune like only chaos and laws

Yes I do like pie! :smiley:

Pay for a membership if you want better things… non-members deserve a few thinkgs here and there… not major things though…

Hey nonmembers deserve more instead of being considered as low lifes and unimportant people.

i can live without nature and cosmic. Chaos and Law, no.