Noob at alter (screenshot comp)

as you know a lot of people have been accusing the person that entered the offer noob at alter. a mod (cyclops i belive) said to post a pic of this link

here it is

hahaha! that is too funny!

XD… Funny, but mean… Though I did like the alteration of the screenshot…

How did u make them

Wonderful picture you found to share here at RSR.Thanks for thinking of us.lolz.

lol thats funny

Hopefully our paper looks like this…

Man, that is funny! Lol, I’m glad you posted that.

Lol,thats way to funny.

The problem with RuneHQ is that they never update their paper. We hope ours is like that.

that is funny

Oh yeh I did say that because someone claimed the picture from the runehq newspaper to be theirs and samarak said it was from the runehq newspaper so I to said samarak to post a link to the pic to prove him a criminal, well he was, good work but I forgot his username now so I can’t bann him/her.

he dident make it, someone from runehq did.

i’ve seen this b4 when someone tryed to pass it off as there own work, kinda funny, but also kinda mean lol.

I was actually just posting to show that that guy was a cheat…