noob help

any noobs want free iron armor. i can only go on when i over a friend house cause my dad blocked it.

come on any noobs want free armor i no some do i sayed it free hello u can just sell it get money then come back 4 more i just doin 4 the exp.

ps: sry 4 the double post

I’ll take like um… 500 sets?

Tell me when they’re done! :lol:

i cant do 500sets and i sayed that i can only go on when i at a friends house cause my dad blocke it cause i played too much

why dont ya just sell em to a shop yourself and get money, cause money becomes a very needed thing at a certain point in the game!

y i have like 100k i just want the exp and i like to help noobies

it’s a kind thing to do but not so king to call them noobies or noobs call em newbies

i hate noobs that sit there and beg u for stuff i mean get out there and get it urself