what a noob, thinks he can mine addy

did he actually have the mining level to mine addy

look at the bottom, those r his highscores

hes not really a newb hes just cocky

Oh coz i dont see a noob lieing everyday…
Why bother posting this?

i dont get it…y do u say “u can mine addy”?

off topic: not trying 2 mod, but kevinno, ur sigs are 2 big, change them before a mod like bans u! =(

koshi, is ur guy on ur avvy from one peice

i did it to get him to say that he could mine addy then prove him wrong

people always lie…not a big deal…

no, hellsing, its a good anime, but some ppl dont like it, its sorta wierd it explain

lol not really a point to this…

The guy saying that just wants attention, I bet, but drawing attention to yourself like that only hurts yourself…

Or, mabey he can mine addy? :detective You never know…

its not nice to randomly call a persona noob, and u need t know, a newb is a new player, a noob is like a begger, scammer,fag,loser,retard*pauses for breath,homo,50year old guy who lived with mom in basement cough zezima ad so on and so forth. just to try to help

i hate ppl like that i have 72 mining and then i act like i can tmine addy and then some ppl say that they can mine rune and are lvl 13 with a mith pic axe minin copper lol