noobs good or bad?

noobs i was one and so were you. noobs their funny and always up for a challenge, but infact they are annoying to the much elder runescapers who are lvl 85 and above, ever had the experience when your just walking around and a noob comes up to and creams his jean over the fact you got full rune? i have and its annoying when they start to beg. now i a good guy i always give hands a black kite here and 2k over there i like to help them but where’s my thank you for help them they always take the hand out and walk off no thank you jeez thats all i want.

I guess they’re a part of any game, just like hackers and scammers. Its an unfortunate side effect of any popular game. :frowning:

Well, u should accept noobs…i mean, we were all once noobs! They envy our stuff because they are still new and poor. But, if they concentrate on the game, they will next time be rich and powerful RS players! I mean…noobs usually make good friends as they are usually loyal.

i just gave full rune and 1k to 1 person i met today while being chased after IAMGODOF69 said i was giving out free gilded armour in free world! :evil: lol harc0re1 ur mean. but i guess i did it to him.

P.S all these ‘‘noobs’’ were following us saying hi Sir. Gold, Are you a mod lol

Not everyone was a noob in the beginning. I for instance, was a newb as in newbie. A noob is someone that hacks, cheats, scams, begs, etc. So you can go ahead and say everyone was once a noob but I wasn’t. I was a newb.

don’t blame noobs, some just start and don’t know much about th game.

Actually, i think noob and newb is more or less the same…

i like noobs/newbs i get them to get me cow hides and i pay em 5gp each :lol: :lol: :lol:

Read the first paragraph here:

That will give you a clear answer, not to mention a few rules…

n0bs are vital to the economicy of runescaoe if you think of it, here is how:

  1. a n00b gets killed by a level 5 highwayman or gets lured to the wildy, they lose all there useless crap they are carrying

  2. passerbys pick up stuff and make a large collection of it, then sell it

  3. this money goes towards valuble trades and buissnesses

and that is how

some newbs are good, some are bad. the ones that follow you areound and ask for your full rune are bad. the ones that sell you things at extremely cheap prices, which you resell to someone are the good ones.

Although this is a noob topic…eventually some of them get it together and understand how to play. They work hard for their money and become a good player.

Im lvl 36 and still sorta a noob so i beg for stuff and if any1 is nice and can give me free stuff contact me on runescape my sn is snowboardr 2
Any way some ppl r nice they give you free stuff for no reson and help u train.I just made this cause im a full grown NOOB so can i have free stuff.LOL…Im serious.

and how do u get those avatars

a new person or newb…can either 1:decide not to beg, work hard on their skills and make money…or 2:beg, scam and hack, they are then considered a noob and hated by the higher lvls

Yep… A newb, newbie, or a new player/person is good and a noob, n00b, ch00b, etc. is bad… A newb is a new player/person who starts off playing the game trying to figure out things and may ask some questions to get started whereas a noob is a new player/person who begs, steals, cheats, scams, or does other inappropriate things to get stuff that they do not deserve at all… That’s how I see it but I know everyone already knew that after hearing the previous versions posted by some people…

wow thats some funny shitake! well put and just all out silly

noobs are the lvl 30’s that wear addy and call u poor for wearing rune. u confront them peacefully and they claim to have a red mask. u ask to see it and they say they cant wear it due to there low def lvl.u ask to see it in trade and they say not tradeable. u ask them if they will goto hell and the lazy bastrd says he’ll do it tomorow. my definition of noob

gimmi free stuff im a noob im poor im lvl 35 my name i snowboardr 2 and i already went to hell so shut the **** up u lazy turds and help som noobs if u dont want them to be noobs anymore

gimmi free stuff im a noob im poor im lvl 35 my name i snowboardr 2 and i already went to hell so shut the **** up u lazy turds and help som noobs if u dont want them to be noobs anymore

As long as there are people constantly joining RS, there will always be newbs and noobs… BTW, the creator of the topic mentioned something about wanting a thank you for the stuff he has given… Well, just wanna say that you really shouldn’t expect thank you’s and such… I’ve given some things away for free and I have helped people on RS somewhat but instead of getting thank yous or even just nothing, they turn on me and give me insults and such and say stuff like “Ha, you’re such a sucker for helping me out” or variations like that… Just saying… Getting away without having anything said to you can be a good thing these days in an RS world where people now say negative things or complain when they are helped because they expect more help or more stuff or whatever… Just wanna say, don’t feel bad for not being thanked… I’ve been down that road and even worse… Though I do thank you for everyone you have helped if that counts…