Noobs got skill

I’m getting sick and tired off pure noobs in party hats stealing my coal and yews. Today I get overrun from fally yews by a level three with a purple partyhat. Then, when I’m mining a level 3 in a green mask schools me about 10 times before I get him. This is sad. Runescape should make a requirement. Noobs with over 1 mil in stuff have to work on something other than a moneymaking skill.

Most of the time, it isn’t a real noob. It usually is someone with a main that gives something very expensive to their noob account, and then lvls up a money-making skill on it.

Runesacpe should make seperat servers.Like some worlds for noobs and other worlds for experinced players.Like if you at lvl 27 you have to go to the noob worlds.Or if you were at lvl 54 you go to the not nooby worlds.Noobs are sooooo anoying.

That is called segregation and is illegal. If they did that, then they could be shut down.

Oh sorry didnt know. :oops:

isnt segregation for different races/cultures/beliefs not noobs/pures

Yeah… I think I’d have to go with IcedEarth15324 (Or whatever the numbers are…) on this one… Cause a “pure noob” wouldn’t have a party hat or a halloween mask unless he/she was extremely lucky to pick one up from someone who stupidly (No offense to people who’ve done this) decided to bring something worth 1mil+ that doesn’t provide a single stat boost and then end up dying… Plus, if it was a “pure noob” then you should hear him/her go “HAahaha im’ lek supre kwl cuasE I HVe lik tiS kWL haTTT!!!1111” or something like that… Just my jist on it… But if their quiet about it then their just people who decided to make a new account for their own reasons…

Edit: To go with the title of this topic… The only skill that your “pure noobs” have in this instance is quick reflexes, an astound “picking up foreign objects on the ground” skill, and extreme luck (Which doesn’t really count)…

Segregation is just the seperation of different things.

The policy or practice of separating people of different races, classes, or ethnic groups, as in schools, housing, and public or commercial facilities, especially as a form of discrimination.

Seperating different classes, in commercial facilities. There ya go.

had a feeling you’d say that.
It means classes as in upper class, lower class etc
think of it this way, would you sue a game publisher because your not good enough to get to the next level
there are a few differences between virtual and physical

If you knew anything about economy, you would know RS has one. There economy is seperated into different classes, noobs/low lvls and high lvls. If they seperated the two of them perminately until you did a certain thing, then they could get shut down.

this mentality" noobs/low lvls and high lvls" is created by the players not by the game publishers, thus it would be classed as discrimination on the players part.
there is no segregation on the publishers part whatsoever

You are twisting my words to make me look stuoid, and it is pissing me off. Goku said, “Runesacpe should make seperat servers.Like some worlds for noobs and other worlds for experinced players.Like if you at lvl 27 you have to go to the noob worlds.Or if you were at lvl 54 you go to the not nooby worlds.Noobs are sooooo anoying.”

If Jagex did that, it would be segregation. I was talking about that post, you I have no clue where you are coming from.

thats like saying its segregation (hyperthetically speaking) if you had level 5 crafting. it would be a form of segregation because you cant get in the craft guild because you need level 10 craft to get in the guild.
iam not trying to make you look stupid, merely trying to prove a point

And your point has nothing to do with what we were talking about. I was talking about different servers for different lvls, that is segregation. You are talking about that different lvls can make different things. And by the way, a lvl 5 not making everything is not segregated to a lvl 10 making everything. That is just experience. With more experience, you can do more things. Just like it is in life. But seperating two different classes of people e.q. high lvls and low lvls, that us segregation.

Man… Let’s stop arguing… This forum was made for people to help others on RS, to sell thing, to tell funny stories, and to umm… Do a lot of other things that I haven’t mentioned… But none of those include making enemies or making other people mad… All I have to say is Goku’s idea, although it might relieve stress on some people, will be kinda dumb and plus there’s already something kinda like that… Members and non-members… And as far as I heard, there are far less “noobs” that are members… There… No offense to anyone… Segregation is what happens when discrimination gets too bad… There I also added a somewhat useless trivia for fun… Ok, I’ll shut up now…

please re-read my previous post iced
omg i get a warning for discussing something

I did, and it is irrelavent to what I am saying.

…Ok enough with this topic already!All I was trying to do is make a suggestion and I now know why Runescape cant do it.You dont have to keep talking about.SHEESH