Noobs These Days...:S

Following X-God Chaser-X’s Wcing Advice. I Cut About 1k Oaks, Then, While I Was Cutting Oaks…This Appeared In The ChatBox! :slight_smile: Enjoy!

lol weir :hyper: :hyper:

lol i remember when the easter eggs melted and everyone was selling the choco dust for like 500k…itr was funny

Lol Yes, That Sounds Really Reasonable! The Ess Of Chocolate! 500k! Woo!!

LOL!!! I tried that once for 50k and it worked lol of course I spent it in three mins :stuck_out_tongue: lol

lol that always happens… especially with spinach rolls…

Lol Selling Spinach Roll! 500k!! VERY RARE! Lol

Lol selling Sarpedeon’s sig 20000b!!!

and selling ummmm this site for umm 1gp.

NO umm 25m :slight_smile: