Noobs Unite (I am a level 65)

I think calling people noobs is offensive, I met a level 3 with a total level of 1023. Stop noob calling! :roll:

lol, first of all a lvl 3 with total lvl 1000+?? lmao, nice try at making ur point but tht never happneds

and second, U ( yes i said YOU) dont know what a noob is…
-A noob is some1 who is just silly or plain annoying
-A newb is a low lvl person liek a lvl 3

sorry if i was harsh on u…

A noob isnt a low level.

tell me why a lvl 3 cant have 1000 skill total? it is defianately possible and i wouldnt doubt it.

A noob isn’t really how low your level is (even though that’s what most people seem to think) it’s someone who just started to play. Someone could buy a level 126 account but have never played before and still be a noob. It’s the person not the character.

Well, actully theres an account named chaudoin one of my friends, and just look him up hes level 3 with much better skills than you, and yes he is really my friend. And theres no reason why a really high level cant be a noob just loom up xploit i think hes like level 95 and his skills are horrable!

I met one o’ them “stealthy noobs” ya see a lvl 4 walking round and ‘BOOM’ the guy has lvl 70+ cooking, mining, smithing, runecraft, and fishing!

noob is just rude (it rhymes!!)

I call low level people newbs and use noobs to people who flame or do something of that nature in game

i looked chaudoin up and hes not lv 3 more like lv 83

I didnt lie, honestly he used to be level 3 with all of his skills. Until he got 99 wc, then he started training combat, I know him personally.