Nooooooo! Can It Be!??! Lol...

Ok, After I Asked X-God Chaser-X (Aka Bloodyshado) some questions about wc and other stuff…I told him a emprovised Poem i made up! and i said, “Not as good as your owning poems” and he said…yea…but! I asked him to say it again with more feeling for the screenie lol…ahh well here it is!!

Whats the whole point of this?! :confused: Since its’ late you probably are bored and stuff, heh, I dont blame you!

(rhyming moment coming soon) Well, last post for today! I’m hitting the hey!
Yeah that’s right i make poems and am proud :yes:

The Point Is, Our Own, BloodyShado;Master Poet Is Quitting Poetry!! Lol.

OMG! Such a loss that cannot be missed! I hope its not tue his poems are good :yes:

No, Seriously, I think he is quitting! :eek:

Im pretty sure it’s true… I haven’t written in maybe a month and haven’t felt like writing.

Oh well it’s a shame to not see you write anymore poems X… But hold up I never saw any of your peices of writing… Lol


Do a forum search for them… in off topic.

Can Anyone Here Search In The Forums For X’s Collection Of Poems?

Nvm, I Got Link, Check IT OUt Guys! X Is a really good poet!

OOps!! AHH Man! I Double Posted…!!

we are all asking the same question… whats this about poems?

I Suppose That You Havent Read X-God Chaser-X’s Poems…There Is A Link Above In One Of My Posts In This Thread…X-God Chaser-X Is An EXPERT Poet! And He Is Quitting Poetry…

…Woah dude. Short, but sweet. X, wherever you are right now, I just want to let you know that you got a talent! :smiley:


I dont get it

Man, to think some1 that likes poetry is quiting lol oh well seems im alone for this time as the only left poet in rsr!!! :shocked:

I Said A Poem To BloodyShado…And Thats When He Said It…(Not The Only One Bud) :slight_smile:

Cool, at least not down, out or alone!

Lol I guess…Yea…Guess…Lol…

i dont understand

This topic is weird, i dont get it at all.