"Been playing on this server for a few days now and I gota say it is fantastic. Total blast from the past.

The staff running the server have a timetable for the release of content, and currently only MC + Azuregos and Kazzak are in game. Everything is exactly like it was in vanilla. No making donations for extras and bonuses either, server is entirely blizzlike.

The server has a huge population too. 70k+ registered players with about 3-5k players on at all times. Running around I see tons of players questing, doing world pvp, organizing groups for dungeons. It’s great because the social aspect is so much more energized compared to retail.

Heres the link if anyone is interested.

If you decide to join, I’m playing an orc shaman named Kwanzaa."

Hey, I’m downloading the game client right now. I’ll be on soon. I’ll make a horde player and then add you. My in game name will probably be Avick if that’s available :slight_smile:

That’s a temptation for sure… I never got to max during vanilla.