Not even microsoft can explain this one....

Okay open up a new word document and type in this

= rand (200,99)

then press enter

Not even microsoft can explain it.

dude im a comp. geek and ive never seen taht before where did you find it?

my friend sent it to me. Its so weird!

I dont understand…

Well open up word document.

type = rand (200,99)

then press enter.

And you’ll get 212 pages of ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.’

stupid, but weird

That is weird, I got 235 pages.

Maybe its different on every computer?

All I got is microsoft works :cry:

Ill try and post a screeny.

i also got 235 pages thats odd


when u put the same thing but instead of (200,99) i put (200,60) and less pages came up with it and i put in (100,99) dude this is strange go mac!!!

omg i found out the awnser to this!!!

ok when u put in =rand(1,1) u get 1 sentence but if u put larger numbers i think more pages if u dont understand what i just expliend i understand

here is a screeny for people without word.

Holy crap… That is weird… Yeah I did the = rand (200,99) and got almost 235 pages of the sentence The quick fox jumps over the lazy dog. sentence… Congrats on finding this…

so funny! does it work on wordperfect?

dunno ,if ya got word perfect. try it

well i just installed it one second

Ive tried it on wordpad, notepad, comand prompt and it doesn’t work on those.

Ill try it on excel and powerpoint.

it does not word on word perfect and i dont have microsoft word

I’ve put the screenshot above so you’ll have to look at that. btw word is much better than perfect or wordpad.

i did have microsoft word, i just noticed…it is so funny!

i tried it but it doesnt work on my word.

probably bcuase my word processor is old