not sure how to do this

i see ppl spamming how do you do that? they type faster then ne thing

You don’t want to know how to spam. Spamming is a bad thing.

i do not wanna know how to do it i wanna know out of curiosity

Oh, its when you post something that is REALLY off topic ina post, post the same thread ALOT, and there are many other things considered spamming. For more information, look at RsR rules. 1 sec, I will get you the link.

EDIT: heres the link

Maybe he means people on RuneScape typing fast? If that’s what you mean, they are probably using some sort of illegal auto-typing program or they can just type really fast.

Like what ogo said, they might have something called autotyper. Which is illegal, and you can get banned for using it. Once again, something you don’t want to know how to do or even do.

i can type realy fast but i will mess up on perpus so people will know i ant using a autotyper :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that is what I do.

spamming is bad. you dont need to know how to do it. but i see ppl have already told you. you can be banned for it. and it is really annoying when ppl spam.