now recruting for the blak sharks

we have a wide spread clan with 100+ members we have regulations shown below and have rules showl below below lol, members and non members can join if meeting the recuirments and will get treated fairly like all are.
fishing 40+
cooking 40+
firemaking 30+
woodcutting 40+
smithing 40+
mining 40+
crafting 30+
runecrafting 10+
hitpoints 50+
mage 20+
prayer 30+
ranged 30+
defence 50+
strenth 50+
attack 50+
the member stuff does not matter. now for rulez:

  1. no killing otha members or allies of the clan
  2. no scamming within the clan and allie group
  3. NO hacking under any surcumstances.
  4. no rudness or repted asking for free things. we are not a shop of free things.
  5. help other members of the clan if possible at all times
    and finally 6. you can be in other clans as long as we know about it first.
    breaking these rues will cause expelling them or killing them we will take it really seriously

to join sign below or pm me this will be a gr8 oppertunity. also our allies at the current moment are

Do we need all the requirments? or how many???

err the combats are quite important we will let u off 7 lvls for all but combat 3 for combat lvls

Well maybe i will join your clan, considering the fact that i cant get mine going. I had it going along time ago, but when i got hacked i quit for a while and the clan died, now im trying to start it back up again, but i guess i will be a part of your for now.